Wednesday, November 7, 2012


     Some friends and I went to Pompei yesterday and had ourselves a little look around. Lucky for us it didn't rain so we got a bit of sunshine and (I think all) had a really nice time. We went yesterday because there was another manifestation. Also no cars needed, just a bus and a train ride then we were there.

     We only got to see 2 "bodies" though because the main place where they keep them was closed. Anyways there was still plenty to see, I didn't really know it was a whole city they had on display! The other thing I didn't know was about "Erotic Pompei". For anyone like me who didn't know this, Pompei was a super erotic city when it was..alive, like apperently there was a big house where a lot of the unmarried women lived and there were sculptures of naked men all over. When we left and were looking at the gift shops/stands they had Erotic Pompei calenders, penis sculpturs, and naked man sculpturs, I thought it was pretty funny. Yeah, and I guess we learned a bit of history too. ;)
   Americans! C'mon! We make such a bad impression on the rest of the world, even I was laughing when the groups of tourists would walk by, and definately look/act like tourists. There were people from all over the world there though, so we had fun playing the "guess their nationality game" without people knowing. 
Tabea, Carlotta, Ya, Zara, and Laurance
Great Day!

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