Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

     Yeah, I know Halloween was a few days ago, but I havent been online because I was in Minory again! <3 and also was just too busy/lazy since I got back. Halloween here isn't as big a holliday as is is in America, but some kids still dress up and go trick-or-treating in their apartments and at the shops in the corso. Buuttt, there's not many decorations and (from what I saw) no teenagers pulling pranks! Nah, most go to parties or stay with their friends instead. Oh but we do get Halloween off from school, and the rest of the week too because of the day of the dead holliday. Most people go to the cemetaries on these days, but by the time we actually got to the cemetary after coming back from Minori, I'm not sure why but they weren't letting anybody in.
     For Halloween, Laura and I had planned to to go to a "mascarade" party/disco near Minori with her German friend Clelia. This was the night before her mom and Silvio came down to Minori. The whole drive down there it was pouring rain, coming down in buckets, and the strong winds and curvy road on the Amalfi Coast didn't help much either. Mamma was yelling at Laura the whole drive down, like it was her fault. I felt bad for Laura, but she was yelling back at her too. This is normal though, for them it's just like a conversation, but.. louder.

     Anyways, we got dropped off at Clelia's house, all in our costumes (me-vampire, Laura-zombie, and Clelia-black cat) and walked down to the bus stop, which btw was very hard for Laura and I because heels + cobblestone = not fun. There we found out...the party was canceled because of the rain. Darn, oh well. Right after that it stopped raining too! So we went back to Clelia's house and spent the night there, but she had to go back to Germany in the morning. :( She was really nice too! Hopefully she'll come back to Italy before I leave.

     I know this is just a little event here, but I want to remember it. It was just so pretty! The morning after Halloween it was bright and sunny, but because it had rained the night before the buildings and ground were still wet. The way the light was hitting the old buidings and the sun on the water from the ocean was just perfect! The whole town looked like it does in the pictures that make you want to go to Italy in the first place.  

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