Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 More Days!!

Hi guys!
     I'm almost there and I'm soo excited! :) I have only 10 days left  and a LOT to do. I was originally supposed to leave on the 4th but I get to go early and leave on the 2nd instead. My family invited me to come early to go on vacation with them to Salerno where their grandpa lives. I would be leaving on the 28th if the consulate would give me my visa before that, but they're too stubborn...and the lady who works there scares me...a lot O.o
      So I didn't make my $8,000 that I was originally supposed to, but I made almost $5,500 which I think is still pretty good for a teenager to make in just a few months. I didn't really fundraise that much but I did get a job working for my neighbor who turned her garage into a medical billing office. And let me tell you, working there is insanely boring but my neighbor/boss is reeaaly nice so it kinda makes up for it. Also my grandparents gave me $1,300 which was super helpful!
       My host sister, Laura and I have been talking a lot on facebook and once on skype and we still get along great! Oh and you wont believe what I found out today when i was talking to her! Ok so you'll probably believe it because it's pretty normal there but for me it will be crazy. The girls there cant wear shorts to school..EVER or even low cut shirts, or heavy makeup! I mean I don't wear thaaat much makeup so I'll be fine with that part, but the shorts and low cut shirts!! Wow that's practically my whole closet except for dresses and a few jeans. xD Laura doesn't like the rules either, I think especially the makeup rule. I cant wait to meet her and all of my new family! I hope they like the gifts I'm bringing them too. I got my mom a book of California which has pictures of big cities and national parks, things like that with information and history with each. For my sister I got a Santa Cruz sweatshirt that I'm kind of jealous of ;) And for my brother a San Francisco Giants hat, the one that's all black with the orange SF logo thingie on it.
     I know I know, I'm supposed to know at least some Italian by now. And I do! But emphasis on SOME. I got Rosetta Stone to help me learn it but I'm really bad at actually getting around to doing it. Plus the fact that its soo repetitive and aggravating doesn't help much either. So I'll keep doing Rosetta Stone, but I have a feeling I'm going to just have to learn as I go when I get there. And I'll write again when that time comes closer! Bye now!!