Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break!

hi guys! so about that interview i was telling you about, it was fabulous. it was more of a quick get to know me and orientation kind of thing though, and not really an interview, but there still were some hard questions. :P Also about a week ago i had a fundraiser where me and 2 other people in my schools foreign exchange club sat out in the pouring rain in front of Nob Hill Grocery for a few hours with a donation box, Italian flag, and sum music but it was actually pretty fun. Plus we made $115! haha now i just have $4,885 left to make...woohoo. At least i'm going to do another one of those this saturday so hopefully i'll get some more help with that fee. :) by the way, i'm sure you guys have noticed that i have terrible spelling and grammar, and i could try and like proofread these posts to fix them.. or i could just leave them messy. i like that plan better haha. As far as host family goes... nothing yet. absolutely nothing. o well, i'll just have to keep waiting like many other people going abroad next year, but it's hard. i want to know so badly who my host family and every day i keep checking my email for those special words "here's your host family!" or whatever they will say when they email me, but for some reason thinking about it all day isn't enough for them to send it. oh yeah! i totally forgot the title of this post! yeah it's spring break this week for me and as fun as it has been, i keep having this guilty feeling because i know that when i come home, my dad is going to ask me if i have gone through any boxes for the garage sale. we're having a garage sale to help pay for my trip and all the money goes to my $5000 or now $4885 that i have to pay. the catch u say? oh just that i have to do all the work! haha so i know that is what's fair and that it will be worth it ten times over when i get to italy, but right now there's just so much that needs to be done and it is not fun. hopefully i'll get my host family soon and that will motivate me enough to get away from the t.v. and start sorting things into garage sale and keep piles. :P that's all for now but i'll keep you guys posted on how things go!

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