Wednesday, April 25, 2012


      that's right! i finally got my wonderful, amazing host family! i actually found out about them over the weekend but i was soo busy i haven't had time to make a post on here to tell you guys. im going to live in a city called Avellino which is in southern italy, right near naples. and the family sounds perfect :) i have a sister who is the same age as me, a brother who is 19, and a mom who is believe it or not an english teacher. so i didn't even find out my host family from CIEE, i didn't get my email until yesterday! xD what happened was this girl names Laura added me on facebook so i sent her a message asking if i knew her, and she said she was going to be my new sister!! i freaked out! i seriously screamed and my dogs who were downstairs then started barking. We've been massaging each other on facebook after that and she seems really cool! i can't wait to go meet her and the rest of her family. she says they live on the 8th floor of a big apartment building in the middle of town(cool!!), and that she has a cat named snow which she showed me a picture of and hes reaallyy cute!
     as far as fundraisers go, I've made about $150 so far but am going to start working next Wednesday. im working across the street for my neighbor who owns a medical billing agency thing. not very fun, but i have to pay for this trip somehow. :P also i remembered another bank account i made a few years ago with some money in it which i moved over to my main bank account. now with all the money in the account i have $4,000, so that means $4000 left to make. also, the garage sale is the weekend after next so i'm hoping to cut that amount down even more.
     thanks for the comments guys :) and no i'm not going with AFS, im going with CIEE because it's pretty much the same but a thousand dollars cheaper :P or at least for this years program it is. hmmm.. i never know how to end these posts, we should have a mini contest. leave a comment in the comment section below with a phrase for me to say at the and of each post and whichever one i like the best or maybe the one that you guys like the best i will say :) but until then, i'll write back when i have news, bye!! -piper

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  1. Oh my gosh. I am SO jealous! Your host family sounds perfect! I'm dying to get mine!