Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here at last!

     Ciao! It felt like eternity but I finally made it to Italy! I had to take 3 flights with 2 layovers, the second one being painfully long and made even worse because I got sick. Bleh. But it was well worth the wait because I am here and it all seems perfect right now! We live in an apartment in the middle of town on the 8th floor. You can see everything from the balcony, including the high mountains neer the city. One of them has a church way up high on it and the mother told me she would take me there to see it one day. Last night I shard a room with my sister but I dont think I will the whole time because there is an extra bedroom too. The floors here are all marble and the mother is amazed that I dont wear shoes in the house because she thinks it is very cold on the feet but i dont mind it. Also she insists that I blow dry my hair after every shower so that I dont get cold. The shower here is new and is a little different but really cool. It has a radio in it and it can make the water come from either right above you, all around you, or with the hand held shower head thing that has a stand on the wall. It looks like something you would see in a scifi movie like a little shower portal xD And they have a bidet (or however you spell it) in all the bathrooms here. I have no idea how to use that so for now I think I'll just stay with using only the toilet haha.
     They also have another house in the country which we visited today because it is not too far. It has 2 floors and a huge balcony that surrounds 2 sides of the house and on one side is like a patio sort of. Besides their cat, Snow who lives at both places from time to time, the mother has started keeping these 2 stray dogs who came to her house and she named one of them Jo. They are as sweet as can be and they are getting fed very well. They get all the leftovers and anything left in the pot after cooking, and because I dont eat very much at one time, they get even more. Last night we just had pizza from the local Pizzeria and it was DELICIOUS. The crust is not big like in America, but like a thin bread. Yumm. But for lunch today was when we really ate. Lunch is very big for them. First momma made a big pot of spaghetti with pesto. I saw her put it on 2 plates and it was very much so I asked for a little less because i could not eat that much. The amount she gave me could still have fed 2 of me xD Then after that (I didnt know there would be anything after, I was already stuffed!) she put on new plates for us this delicious dish of chicken with peppers and olives and cut bread to soak up the sauce. It was soo good and i felt bad because I could only eat a little bit being that full from pasta. And even more after that was fruit, we had white watermelon, which i didnt even know existed. Whew I was full. We would have gone to see the horses that live in that city, but the place where they keep them was closed, so we will see them another day. We drove into the small town there with Laura's friend accompanying us and got ice cream bars. I couldnt believe we were still going to eat after lunch, haha but im not one to pass on ice cream! For a long time after Laura, here friend, and I walked around town, saying hi to people they knew and stopping at a few parks to sit.
     I have been walking a lot here especially. Yesterday, a while after I got back from the airport and showered we went walking and didnt come home till dinner, then went out again after! haha It seems like everybody does this here because we would constantly bump into some of here friends, walk with them a little bit or just say hi, then carry on our way. It is surprisingly fun really.
     Tonight we are going to a surprise birthday party for one of Laura's friends and tomorrow we are going to go to a celebration in the town where Clara (Laura's friend) lives so we will spend the night in the house in the country. I could write on and on about this amazing place but now I have to go get ready for the party. Ciao for now!

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