Thursday, February 16, 2012

Applications Applications and more Applications....

so I'm almost done filling out my applications and scholarship forms (yay) but it seems that when i think i have done just about everything, I'll look back through the biiiggg stack of forms and see i still have something like 2 more essays to write or maybe a form a need to get the doctor to fill out. sooo frustrating! xD but i know it'll be worth it soon!! not much else thats really exciting going on with the foreign exchange thing. im going to start doing a fundraiser with the foreign exchange club at my school. well actually a few fundraisers. we are making tee shirts with some cool design on them about foreign exchange and are going to sell them. also we're going to ask grocery stores if we can set up a table in front with a donation box. we will have things from the countries we're going to displayed too (like food, music, games, ect..). one that im doing by myself is that ill be going around to businesses and fast food places and asking them for donations/ to sponsor me. lets hope i can make enough!

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